SAXOMBLE on iTunes

With his group, the Saxomble, Bobby fuses his backgrounds in classical, funk, jazz, and rock into an exciting live experience fueled by the sound and improvisation of a powerful five man saxophone front.  While the ensemble that he has assembled is tight and well rehearsed, it is the showcasing of each player’s unique voice that will impress audiences most.   Their debut album, “Live at the Firefly”, was released in February of 2007.  Saxomble was featured at the Detroit International Jazz Festival that same year.

The Saxomble now boasts nine talented and experienced members: (Bobby Streng, Mark Kieme, Mike Hiemstra, Dan Puccio, and James Hughs – saxophones; Dale Grisa – keyboards; Matt Henninger – bass; Jonathan Ovalle – drums; Olman Piedra – Percussion).  But don’t let the instrumentation fool you, this is NOT a supersax band.  Bobby has written a library of tunes for this band to form an ultra high energy live show that he describes as “A big band with no brass, but you won’t miss them!”