Liquid Street track listing

Great news from the Liquid Street vault.  Our debut album, “Not ‘Till You Feel It”, will be out VERY soon! Stay posted for updates. Here is the official and final album track listing!
1. Late Shift    (Phelps/Streng/Abrams/Endahl)
          This opener grooves, but watch out for that down beat…
2. Black Hole Sun  (arr. Jason Phelps)
          Very slick 90’s rock cover redone by our bass player.  This one shines as the single.
3. Residual Afterthought    (Bobby Streng)
          Challenging original of mine.  Liquid Street eats it up.  Great rhodes solo by Matt.
4. I’m Glad There Is You    (arr. Matt Endahl)
          Jimmy Dorsey tune (!!!!) reworked a la Donny Hathaway.  You’d never know the tune is 80 years old!
5. I Hit a Deer    (Streng)
         A lament I wrote after a car accident.  Written on the same piano that I learned to play on in 1984.
6. Giant Steps    (arr. LaDell Abrams)
         Already one of the hardest tunes in jazz, now even harder.
7. Not ‘Till You Feel It    (Endahl)
        Title track.  A thoughtful mood swing written by Matt.
8. In Your Absence    (Streng)

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